Ideas from 22nd Aug uploaded

Following my discussion with Dave I had a long journey to and from Plymouth in the car. I thought a lot about what we’d talked about and had a series of ideas which required me to stop and record them. I bought an exercise book at a service station. Pics of the pages are in the “Ideas” section  They are ideas concerning the graduate show.

The first was site specific in that it related to the Fylde . I was imagining the damage done to it by fracking. Then I thought of the chaos that would ensue if Heysham nuclear power station were struck by a tsunami like Fukushima. This led to the title of Fylde Fucked (or Fuked).It could happen if the methane clathrate ice off the coast of Canada or Norway started to melt, as a result of sea temperature rise, and collapsed (see text here).


Click to enlarge

The second was more personal and arose because I had just visited my mum who has deteriorating Alzheimers disease. I was thinking about how it is affecting her and I had an image of her head unravelling and ideas and memories spilling out and spinning away.


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Each of these would require the porcelain sheets, however shaped, to hang from thin cables. This led me to think about how I could achieve that without having large opaque connectors or having to thread the cord through holes in the porcelain. I imagined a tiny connector which was open at the side so the cord ran along it’s length and which was held in it by friction arising from the material it is made of and torque caused by the weight of the object suspended.

Freeing it would merely require disconnection from the clip and easing the cable out from the side (or back, as in the second drawing). Perhaps it could be 3D printed.


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