I decided to develop the idea of cutting each piece individually rather than carving through. It makes for much crisper, more formal, shapes. I decide to make a piece based on a Fibonacci spiral. It expands logarithmically, rather than in a fixed ratio, and is based on phi, the Golden Mean. I used the curve to generate a straight line version:


I then used the shape marked on the template shown to produce another series of templates of a  rotating series of triangles within the rectangular space, each defined by one of the straight lines of the image. The idea is that these should overlap, producing a spiral expanding out of the lower surface. I cut the templates, then used them to mark the BCS sheets with pencil before cutting them with a scalpel.

This was then fired to 1250C, together with the piece shown in the previous entry. There were 2 failures. The top shelf seems to have been too hot and caused the tile to split. The bottom shelf, despite my efforts, was clearly not sufficiently covered with batt was and the 1st four tile of the other piece stuck irremovably to the shelf:

In each of the 2 sets of pics below the pieces are superimposed on one another in the correct order but not separated. They are illuminated from behind using a halogen bulb:

The pieces were then assembled on kiln shelves ( plastered with batt wash) using separators dipped in clear, matt,  earthenware glaze. placed by template, and fired to 1045C to reduce the chance of slumping. I will know tomorrow whether or not it was successful.

I have received word today that the acrylic bases are on their way.



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