Bosworth, Joy

Ceramics with Mixed Media  A&C Black  2006

Cane, Kyra

Making & Drawing  Bloomsbury  2012

Beard, Peter

Resist & Masking Techniques A&C Black  2008

Doherty, Jack

Porcelain  A&C Black  2002

Fraser, Harry

The Electric Kiln  A& C Black  1994

Gault, Rosette

Paper Clay  A&C Black  2005

Halls, Susan

Animals & Figures.  Lark Crafts.  2011

Hamer, Frank & Janet

The Potters Dictionary of Materials & Techniques

Jernagan, Jeremy

Dry Glazes. A&C Black.  2009

Lane, Peter

Contemporary Porcelain: Materials, Techniques & Expressions  A&C Black  2003

Loder, Claire

Sculpting & Handbuilding  Bloomsbury  2013

Minogue, Coll

Impressed & Incised Ceramics  A&C Black  2001

Perryman, Jane

Naked Clay  A&C Black  2008

Robison, Jim & Marsh, Ian

Slab Techniques  A&C Black  2010

Standen, Kathleen

Additions to Clay Bodies  Bloomsbury  2013

Wardell, Sasha

Porcelain and Bone China  Crowood Press  2004

Slipcasting A&C Black  2007


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