Learning Agreement 1

I am mainly interested in the translucent properties of porcelain paper clay (ppc) and what can be done with it structurally and in combination with other materials to make beautiful and interesting things. These things may be vessels, structures, sculptures, lighting, ornaments or personal decoration. I have become interested in how to maintain the structural integrity of extremely thin vessels and structures when fired to high temperatures.

My intention, during the course of this MA is to explore:

  • The properties of the material:
    • Factors governing light transmission
    • Strength, alone and in combination with other materials, in relation to its thickness
    • Firing techniques
    • Compressibility
    • Use of ppc as clay and slip
  • The relevant material science and
  • How it can be combined with other materials such as oxides, fibreglass, glass, metal and glazes
  • The use of moulds, hand building techniques and armatures
  • The use of sculptural techniques, in addition to the above, to develop my interest in archaeological and mythical themes.
  • Use of contrasting and complementary clays and other materials to support the completed thin sheets and vessels
  • The best sort of light to transmit and how it can be manipulated
  • Display of the objects
  • The use of porcelain alone, as I have discovered that sanding the bisque leaves flaws in the surface that appear to originate in the flax distributed in the matrix prior to firing
  • The experience in these areas of other ceramicists and how I can translate aspects of their practice into mine
  • I hope to be able to explore my personal response to my inspirations and the work of my colleagues and to use that to develop my own work, understanding more the balance between emotion, intuition,thought, research and planning.



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