Contextual research

2004-Lucy-LanguageCultureandMind    ANIMATING EPHEMERAL SURFACES


Art and brain    Beauty and the brain    Brit J Aesthetics-2013-Meskin-139-64       EricksonKellogg-SocialTranslucence-TOCHI     Ideas for Contextual    language and aesthetics    neuroaesthetics


MAUD GALLERY- TRANSLUCENCE- Jacqui Dean    Translucence Frank Lloyd Wright Gallery     Translucence Honolulu Museum of Art  Translucence- Southern California Art from the 1960s & 1970s


Mocha diffusion     music inspired by translucence      olafur eliasson

Poem Translucent Mary McCallum    Poem transluscent Maria Monberg  Translucence Song Cycle & Pic

SHADOW-PUPPET THEATRE Encycl Brit         The History of Indonesian Puppet Theater (Wayang)

Translucency in my books     Video Translucence Exhibition

Surface Design


Word Cloud

word cloud originals   Word Cloud  DF Translucent word cloud  my word cloud 01   Synonyms   Translucent Antonyms    Synonyms   translucent synonyms    Grab Grab 2


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